Our Instructors Are Fun and Effective

Our instructors' enthusiasm and ability to relate keep the lessons fun. With their experience, your child will engage more and learn faster. 

Morgan Simmsgeiger, Founder

Morgan has played the piano for over 18 years and has been teaching the piano for over 7 years. Her passion is music and business. She founded Piano For Kids with a vision to see more children positively impacted through playing piano as she was growing up.   

Our Piano Instructors

Racquel Kylander, Student Instructor

Racquel is a piano teacher with a love for sharing her passion for music and the piano. She's participated in Certificate of Merritt, OC Division Baroque Festival, and more. She has been teaching for more than 2 years.


Ida Farahmand, Student Instructor

Ida is a piano teacher who understands the importance of making lessons fun and enjoyable for kids, as it was important to her as she learned. She has been taking piano for 10 years and has completed multiple levels of Certificate of Merritt.


Savannah Hardie, Student Instructor

Savannah is an enthusiastic and optimistic piano teacher. She has loved piano for 10 years which she got from her dad, who's has been playing since he was five. She has a B.A. in Theatre, a B.S. in Psychology, and a minor in Spanish.


Nadiya Dubova, Student Instructor 

Nadiya began playing piano when she was 7 years old. Since then, she has completed 9 levels of Certificate of Merritt, performed in the Monterey Jazz Festival, and competed and placed in the M.T.A.C Orange Coast Cities Music Festival Award. She currently attends school to be a teacher/professor, and on her spare time, she volunteers for retirement homes, participaing in piano recitals for the elderly.


Claire Dallape, Student Instructor

Claire is a classical and contemporary trained pianist. She's been playing for 8 years, participating in yearly recitals and performing at holiday parties. From experience, she is a firm believer that having fun is a huge part of learning to play the piano and that learning to play really helps children improve in school.


Susan Mason, Student Instructor

Susan began taking piano lessons at seven years old. Continuing through high school, Susan began playing for her church. In college, Susan minored in Music Education where she focused on Music Theory and Musicianship. Susan is thrilled to be able to share her love of music and the piano with students.